MINX is a 36-year-old independent songwriter and producer from Lisbon, currently based in Stockholm. He has worked with some of the biggest artists in his country such as Luís Represas, Carolina Deslandes, Aurea, Richie Campbell, Mia Rose, April Ivy and Frankie Chavez, and has written and produced with well-established international writers and producers like Grammy award winner Rob Davis (UK), Grammy nominee Ed Hill (US), and The Songwriting Academy's CEO and founder Martin Sutton (UK). As an artist he has been represented by SONY Music.

His father being a professional pianist, composer and producer, MINX was soon exposed to the art of making music and quickly learned to play and record several instruments. At the age of 18 he studied video production in the US, and once back in Lisbon he enrolled a cinema/multimedia course in university, using most of his free time to make music. Later he worked as a composer and producer for the most renowned sound production company in Portugal, ‘Indigo’. There he made music for commercials and won 2 national awards for ‘Best Original Soundtrack’.

In March 2019 he moved to Stockholm to expand his music network

internationally, focusing on the POP and Mainstream market. He's since made numerous contacts in the UK and US, and has been traveling with his gear where music calls. Having become what some would call a 'digital nomad', he brings everything he needs with him wherever he goes.

- I'm fishing for magic.
If it ain't magic, I throw it back in the river.

Something magical will take the bait. It always does.